The dress is designed, bridesmaids are standing by, and tuxedoes are in order! The venue is booked, the menu is selected, and it is now all about the details. Georgini has been a Bridal Jewellery leader for a very long time because we remain passionate about the details. To create beautiful jewellery, perfect for these occasions, remains an obsession for us.  We create a specific Bridal Collection every year, but you will always find beautiful pieces perfect for your wedding across all our collections. That is how much we love weddings!  
There are many things to consider when curating the perfect bridal look for not only the bride but bridesmaids, flower girls, and family, and we are here to help you along the way.  Here are ten fabulous tips to start you on your way to creating a perfect bridal look.
1: Match Metals
Wedding dresses come in a wide variety of colours and shades. Therefore, it is essential to select the correct colour metal to best compliment the dress. Here are our Metal Tips.
White Dress
If a dress is White or Silver, shine with bright metals like Rhodium-plated sterling silver to give you the look of platinum or white gold.
white dress bridal jewellery Georgini
Champagne or Ivory
If a dress is Champagne or ivory, glow with yellow gold.  This will highlight the creamy colours in the gown.
ivory dress wedding jewellery
Pink or Blush
If a dress is pink or blush or has pink hues, choose to sparkle with rose gold wedding jewellery for the most romantic feel.
rose gold wedding jewelry
2: Necklines and Necklaces
Necklaces look best with an open neckline. There is no need for a necklace with a high neckline or embellishment around the bodice.  However, a necklace is essential for V necklines and strapless dresses.
V Neckline
If you are wearing a V neckline, a pendant is a great choice. 
bridal pendant
Strapless Neckline
For a strapless dress, choose a choker or shorter statement necklace.
bridal necklace
Low Back
If your dress has a low back, consider a necklace with a simple backdrop to add that little bit of extra detail.
backdrop necklace
3: Less is More
A Tiara, Veil, Necklace, Earrings, beading and a puppy bouquet are not all required!  Sometimes less is more.  If your dress is ornate, consider a pair of drop earrings or a tennis bracelet.  If your gown is simple, a beautiful necklace and earring set might be a perfect choice. Pick the pieces that complement your dress rather than compete with it.
bridal bracelet
4: What is your hairstyle?
Make sure you have your hair appointment and decide on your style before you select your jewellery. This is a crucial step as it is essential to make the right choice, your hairdresser will be able to offer you some great tips.  Your hairstyle also needs to work with the neckline of your dress.
Hair Down
If your hair is down, stud earrings are a perfect choice, no tangles!
bridal earrings
Hair Up
If you have an up-do, a pair of drop earrings will add that extra sparkle and shine.
drop earrings
5: Pearls are always a great choice!
Timeless and classic pearls will never go out of style.  Drops, studs or a simple pearl bracelet is something you will always treasure.
pearl jewellery
6: Something Blue
The saying is "Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe," which first appeared in print in 1883. The sixpence is probably well gone, but why not blue accessories!  Channel your Princess Dianna and go for a beautiful sapphire look.
sapphire jewellery
7: Wear it Again
Unlike the wedding dress you might only ever bring out again for a fancy dress party, you can wear your jewellery again.  Pick pieces that you love.  Beware of the weight of your earrings on the day.  You will have them in all day so opt for pieces not too heavy. 
wedding jewelery
8: Wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony.
For ease during the ceremony, wear your engagement ring on your right hand. Then, after your I Do's, it is easy to change hands, and you will avoid any mishaps of trying to get your ring on and off your finger.
engagement ring
9: Bridesmaids
It is customary to give your Bridesmaids a gift, and the jewellery they wear at the bridal party is always a great choice.  GEORGINI has options in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver, so there is something for everyone!
bridesmaid jewellery
10: Love is always on trend
True love never goes out of style, and neither do beautiful hearts.  GEORGINI has a gorgeous selection of luxurious hearts perfect for all your bridal parties. So when love is in the air, why not carry a little bit of it wherever you go.
heart shaped bridal jewellery