Ear Parties are here, and they are the IT party of the season! It is like the Met Gala, but everyone gets an invitation from Anna to attend.  Curating piercings to achieve a unique layered look is achievable by working with a piercer and careful selection of jewellery.  Here are five tips from the GEORGINI Team on ear piercing jewellery to get the party started!
1: Have a conversation with a specialist piercer.
Curating an ear party requires professional advice.  Talk to an experienced piercer; they will advise on how to achieve the perfect look.  Ask around for recommendations on amazing piercers. The best ones will have waiting lists, but it will be worth it to get the best results. Ensure the piercing is performed in a sterile and hygienic environment and the studio is compliant with government legislation regarding skin penetration. Do not be tempted to do it all at once.  Start with a maximum of three. The healing process will take too long if it is overdone, and it will not be an enjoyable experience.  When comfortable with the piercer chosen, book the appointment and begin the journey!
Ear Piercing Jewellery Georgini
2: Prepare for the piercing.
Most piercers will use stainless steel or titanium for the initial piercing. Another alternative to use while waiting for the piercing to heal is BioPlast or BioFlex.  This material gives a clear look which will help for school or work if necessary. There may be swelling and pain afterwards, so be organised.  Have a hair appointment the week before, keep a travel pillow on hand for sleeping and be prepared to be patient! 
Ear piercing jewellery is usually required to be removed or tapped if you are involved in weekend, club or school sports.  Consider waiting for the offseason to avoid the risk of irritation or injury. Pain can be a worry, and there are numbing creams available like Emla that can help reduce discomfort during the piercing.  Talk to a pharmacist well in advance about products that may help with the piercing process. Piercings are not advised if pregnant or if there are underlying medical issues like diabetes,  heart conditions or autoimmune disorders.  Consult a GP before undertaking any piercings if concerned.
Georgini Ear Piercing Jewellery
3: Stick To The Aftercare Plan
Body piercings need to be cleaned 1-2 times daily, every day, for the entire initial six week healing time.  Healing can take anywhere from 1-12 months, so stick with the piercing aftercare plan provided. Fleshy areas like the lobes will heal in 1-2 months. However, any cartilage pierced can take up to a year to heal, like the conch or helix. Be diligent and patient; the results will be worth it.
Ear Piercing Jewellery Georgini Model
4: What Size Is Best?
The wait is over, and the perfect look is ready to be created.  Keep in mind that everyone's piercings are a little different, so there may be a bit of trial and error before the exact fit for each piercing is perfect.
A 6mm length stud can be used for the cartilage, tragus, helix, conch, and some parts of the earlobe.  An 8mm length stud is good for the monroe, labret, cartilage, tragus and helix, and a 10mm length stud is perfect for first, second and third lobe piercings.  All GEORGINI Studs have a 10mm post. 
For a tragus, cartilage, forward helix, or rook piercings, a ¼" or (6mm) hoop is the best size.  It will give a tight, snug fit and not get caught on everything like a larger hoop.
A 5/16" (8mm) hoop is one of the most popular sizes of hoops.  It is an ideal size for looser cartilage and tragus. This size hoop is very common in sleepers and basic hoops.
A 3/8" (10mm) and A1/2 (12mm) and larger hoops are available in the GEORGINI range.  They are great for all lobe piercings and can be used for the daith and conch as well.
Ear Piercing Jewellery
Ear Piercing Jewellery
5: Curate the look
Start with a statement piece and then build around it.  Use a combination of delicate and complementary pieces to create a unique story.  Think about the look wanted and build it with pieces that work together rather than a miss mash of different jewellery.  It may take time to achieve the perfect look, and that is okay.  Have some basics on hand, like simple studs or baby hoops or sleepers that are universal. You can continue to add to your curation over time.  Enjoy creating different collections using particular pieces for specific outfits and occasions.   Have fun with the process. Tag us on Instagram @georginijewellery in your Ear Party Curations, so we can see your creative ear piercing jewellery looks! 
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