The team at Georgini is constantly searching the globe for the next big thing in Jewellery trends.  From stalking the top European designers to walking (virtually) the streets of New York and lusting over vintage pieces online at Sotheby's, we are always on the hunt for inspiration for our collections.   
Once we have narrowed down our focus and inspiration for each Collection, we then think about our customers, market, and beloved Australian Environment.  We listen and talk to our retailers and customers as they always love to share their stories about what they love about Jewellery. We then challenge ourselves to come up with exciting new concepts that are luxurious with style and soul.  Each GEORGINI Collection is thoughtfully themed because Jewellery is a product that requires that extra bit of detail and love to make it extraordinarily special.  Here is a couple of our most unique collections and the stories behind the design.
AURORA: January 2021
Everyone has heard of the Northern Lights, but so few seem to realise the phenomenon that we have so close to home the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis. GEORGINI is an Australian owned and designed brand, and we wanted to remind our followers how amazing our backyard is! The Aurora collection is inspired by the beauty of the Aurora Australis and the way the colours light up the night.  After a year of lockdown, the thought of getting dressed up for a night out was so exciting that we created a whole range to celebrate!  The streamers of unique colours displayed in the sky inspired the sapphire blue stones and shimmering yellow gold.  These splendid gold's and blues speckled with sparkling stars inspired the theme behind AURORA that the night is beautiful, mysterious and full of fun and possibility for all to embrace!
georgini jewellery design
Always predicting trends, GEORGINI led the Hamptons look in 2015.  Australians have always been able to relate to the relaxed style and attitude of the Hamptons with its chic seaside lifestyle.  Our love of this luxurious coastal style has only grown since then, and the obsession continues.  The range was so sophisticated and modern, a look that has Georgini has continued to embrace for the last ten years. 
georgini jewellery
HEIRLOOM: December 2020
If anyone is like me, the trinkets in your Mother's or Grandmother's jewellery box always shone so brightly.  If you got the chance to play dress up and try one of them on, it was such a treat; they were true treasures!  You may now have some of these pieces you played with as a child in your jewellery box, handed down from generation to generation. The concept behind Heirloom was that the value of these pieces is priceless because the memories and moments that accompany them can never be replaced.  We decided to create a vintage feel and used Pearls and the Marquise cut stone across the range as it almost has a regal feel.  The shoot involved generations of mothers and daughters and was just perfect, and you could not help but feel the love.
georgini collection
Even in the early days, GEORGINI was telling stories.  One of my favourite vintage collections is from Spring Summer 2011; the Collection was called Garden of Eden.  The Collection captured the essence of understated glamour, celebrating the wonders of nature and mixed with modern design. Featuring beautifully crafted bangles, pendants and rings with leaf motifs, snakes, apples and birds, it was understated glamour. The range enticed your senses with a selection ranging from bold statement pieces to everyday classic items. The beautiful use of black was a signature to GEORGINI, something we are bound to see come back into fashion again.
georgini garden of edens
ROCKSTAR: June 2021
After months of forecasting, we knew that Talismans would be a colossal jewellery trend for 2021.  We wanted to have some real fun with this and created the ROCK STAR Concept.  Telling your own story through what you wear has always been such a massive part of fashion.  The concept that you should be able to fabulously shout about who you are through the Jewellery you wear was the inspiration behind Rock Star.  We have never been shy about pushing the jewellery boundaries at GEORGINI and sourced the new SHIELD cut stone.  It is edgy and trending while still being luxurious and beautiful.  This stone became the Collection's backbone.  It was such a joy to create new designs using this new fantastic shape of stone.
georgini jewellery collection