2022 has been a year of connection, opportunity reborn, and adventure rekindled. For the first time in a long time, the chance to visit loved ones abroad at Christmas is possible, and the joy of kinship will be cherished and celebrated. We also celebrate the new International connections Georgini has treasured making in 2022 in Ireland and Asia, a return to the United Kingdom. These new destinations combined with New Zealand, South Africa and Pacific territories are so unique, and we cherish celebrating Christmas with our partners worldwide.
We love that our treasures are now enjoyed by so many globally.
A Christmas Journey by Georgini is inspired by the celebration of family and the magic of Christmas. From the delicious colours of the Nutcracker Ballet to the Sparkling Light of the Christmas Star, it is a collection that brings luxury and shine to the joy of Christmas gift-giving. Wander through a wonderland of violet hues and intricate delights designed perfectly for everyone you love to spoil. Classic Georgini, on-trend and new releases, including the Brilliant Bangle based on our beloved Tennis bracelet, are ready to go along with our much loved Christmas novelties. This year's Novelties include delicate Angel Wings and the stunning astrological Night Sky Earrings; there is a treasure trove of jewels to be found!
Shot at the vintage Archerfield Airport with the help of their fantastic team and the crew at Flight One, this Holiday story takes off in full flight! This shoot is one of our favourites of all time!
The whole team at Georgini wishes you a wonderful Christmas wherever you are this season, and no matter if your travel is by train, plane or sleigh, may your journey be magical.